Who is aMUSiC anyhow?

I'm not angry... I'm just scary looking =)

Oh, the daunting task of filling the information about me, myself and I. This is prolly going to be a never ending project so check back frequently. I hope that some day I’ll be able to make this worth your while. So, let’s give it a first try…

  • I was born in 1978, which makes me pretty much an old geezer.
  • I work as a web developer, currently getting my hands dirty with me.gr
  • I am heavily into music. I play the piano and compose music. Sometimes I sing too (but you don’t wanna be in close proximity when I do so).
  • I founded and own the largest and most popular general gaming online radio in the world, Split Infinity Radio which has been on-air non-stop since 2004. You can hear me on air every Monday and Wednesday at 23:00 Greek time.
  • I’m very much into the demoscene. I write music for the Greek demogroup ASD
  • I’m an Aries
  • I watch a crapload of TV Series, and have a tendency to Sci-Fi.
  • I’ve never finished something in my life but this time I
  • Encelo
    #1 written by Encelo  10 years ago

    ASD and the demoscene rule! :-D

    The music from Rupture is wonderful!

  • DeCoN
    #2 written by DeCoN  10 years ago

    lol, had no idea SI was yours, thought you just did the two shows, gg lol
    also, how the hell did I get here? :p

  • Sybex
    #3 written by Sybex  10 years ago

    I’ve noticed on this page the A in aMUSiC is capital… :P

  • george nikas
    #4 written by george nikas  10 years ago

    kalimera,eimaste synonomatoi para ligo,filia apo thessaloniki

  • gaspode
    #5 written by gaspode  10 years ago

    Love your music for ASD, especially »Throw Navis Off The Train« and »Tortuga Turtle« (5:30 gives me shivers) – and all the other stuff ;o)

    According to your musical taste I recommend you try some Sylvan (http://www.sylvan.de/sylvan_player/fog/fog_player.html), Everon (http://www.myspace.com/everonband) and Gazpacho (http://www.myspace.com/gazpachomusic).

  • toufas
    #6 written by toufas  10 years ago

    exo na se do apo to lan sto spiti tou spirit! :p

  • Defiance
    #7 written by Defiance  10 years ago

    Καταπληκτική δουλειά! Όμορφα μουσικά κομμάτια! Επιτέλους, διότι η χώρα αυτή εχει ανάγκη από πραγματικούς καλλιτέχνες. Συνέχισε αυτό το κορυφαίο έργο!

  • aMUSiC
    #8 written by aMUSiC  10 years ago

    Να ‘σαι καλά Defiance =) Συνεχίζουμε ακάθεκτοι =)

  • chris 'beek' hampton
    #9 written by chris 'beek' hampton  9 years ago

    AMUSIC! what’s up. it’s beek! i’m coming to athens in june! let’s hang out :)

  • Frontier
    #10 written by Frontier  9 years ago

    Μην ξεχνάς το Amiga παρελθόν σου :)


  • F-Cycles
    #11 written by F-Cycles  9 years ago

    Amazing music and demos Spin by ASD! also, last line of your profile make me laught soo much!

  • Megaden
    #12 written by Megaden  9 years ago

    I’m very impressed with “Spin” demo by ASD and especially with demo soundtrack. I would like to thank you for your work, I wish you to continue in the same way!

  • Themis
    #13 written by Themis  8 years ago

    Hey there, big fan of your work on ASD demo soundtracks here. I’ve just come across this one http://soundcloud.com/the-algorithm/antikythera-mechanism-pt-1 and for some not really weird reason I think you may like it. I don’t know the guy who wrote it / This is not some kind of adv. Hope you and Leviathan find it cool and come up with sth like that in your next composition.

    Best Regards.

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