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Music on the Moon


Back in 2007 we composed this little baby with my good friend Amigo to enter Breakpoint’s streaming music competition. Unfortunately we got disqualified in the preselection stage =( Nevertheless, it’s a cool track, so here you go =)

Amigo and aMUSiC - Music on the Moon


I have a website therefore I exist


I’ve had the domain since 1998 (maybe even earlier). In the process I once lost it to domain vultures (who used it to upload porn on it), then got it back and realized that in it’s 11 year history… I never put a website for me on it. Quite a shame…

I always had this plan in my head to build an uber-site for yours trully, and I’ve started making one 4 times so far. The problem of course was that I never finished it. So I decided to go for the sensible solution… Use WordPress and be done with it =)

And so, I welcome you aboard my dome of insanity, where I’ll be sharing with the world, my views, my crap, my projects and of course my music. Brace yourself and I wish you a pleasant stay.

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