We’re on the run.. With 3 days left we’ve grabbed the mops and started polishing Iconoclash. Trimming the rough edges, testing on various configurations, eliminating show-stopper bugs, creating the .ico, grabbing screenshots and the like..

Oh.. and the music. I spent most of the day yesterday laying out the sound effect track. Lots of effects, lots of syncing and even more coke cans (empty ones.. used as sound effects actually…). What’s going to be different this time around, is that the sound effect track will be a separate entity and not mixed into the music mp3. As such, you will be able to just listen to the music in the final package or have the full blown experience of the demo with the sfx.

Still tweaking minor things and adding details as more ideas spring into mind, while waiting for Leviathan to solidify the guitar parts today, record them tomorrow and mix them together on Wednesday. Boy I can’t wait.. this piece is turning out to be really swell..

Oh and did I just give out that there will be guitars in this one? =P… (and a mind blowing piano solo too!)