For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been dreaming of her, but so far I didn’t have the gut to go and make her mine. But now finally, I stepped up… and she’s mine!

I’m talking of course about Sonya, my new Kawai ES6 Digital piano.



I got a call today from the retailer informing me that she was finally here, but that unfortunately they couldn’t ship her to my place before Monday. That was of course unacceptable since I ordered her before Christmas, so I went myself to the retailer’s in the centre and brought her home myself, half in the trunk of my car and half in the back seat. She’s big, and heavy! So I took her in. Time to put the project in motion.

Inside the box

She is big.. and heavy!

Tall she stands

She stands tall and proud.

Along with Ensoniq SQ1+

Much taller than my 25 year old Ensoniq SQ1+

Opening The package

Time to open the box. Sonya is well protected in there.

Protectives off

Releasing her from her chastity


Taking her out of the box, reveals that she comes with accessories

Accessories laid out

All the accessories laid out. I can imagine what's in each box, but I'm really curious about the big brown one.

Power supply

The little white box revealed the 15v power supply unit.

Sustain Pedal

The little brown box revealed her shoe! The Sustain Pedal. Awesome!


She speaks five languages. English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. I will teach her Greek!

Mystery Box

The Mysterious Big Brown Box. I wonder what's in there...

Book stand

But of course! It's the lectern! I totally forgot about that. Not that I'll be needing it a lot.

The Stand

Let's set up the stand where she'll stand (pun intended)

Medium height

That would be a good height if I wanted to play standing. I'd like to sit please, so I lowered the stand.

Lowest setting

Sonya has a high profile, and I need to lower the stand even more. I put it in the lowest setting.

On the stand

Taken off her wrappings and placed gently on the stand.

Placing the sustain pedal

Hey Cinderella, let's try this shoe... Whadya know!! It fits!!

Damper Pedal?

Plugged it in the Damper Pedal hole. There are also audio outputs, an audio input, traditional midi, USB midi and a switch to turn off the speakers.

Power plug

Pushing in the food n' juice tube into place. Aint's she got a lovely toosh?

UPS Powered

Only the best uninterruptibly supplied food for my baby!


There she is ready to come to life

In all her glory

Of course, let's not forget the lectern for her first time. She needs to wear all her accessories.


ENVY: Sits in the back and is about to cry. Poor Ensoniq...

The first touch

She's alive.. ALIVE! I touched her and she moaned mmmmmmmmm.

And so it was about time… to spend some time… after time… together. My partner in musical crime Leviathan told me I should be very careful about taking her virginity. I had to select the proper tune. I thought of various songs and tracks, but I decided that her first time should be on a Chopin Valse.