It's coming!!I’d really love to go into a very deep analysis on how this phenomenon applies greatly to almost every aspect of the Greek market, but I’ll just leave this as an example and a case study.

Plaisio, is one of the biggest computer and consumer electronics retailer. If you ask the average Joe (including me) where he’d go to satisfy his computer buying needs, Plaisio would be the top choice. Now, if you’ve been all living under a rock and don’t know that StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment’s hot sequel to the largest selling RTS game ever, has finally a release date on July 27, then go and read all about it, prior to continuing on with this post.

While I was surfing on Facebook today, I stumbled upon a Plaisio ad, boasting that people are now able to preorder StarCraft II on their site. So I went over to the preorder page and was flabbergasted with the preorder price. WTF?!? Fifty fucking nine euros? Which amounts to roughly 76 dollars at the time of writing, when the retail price in US is $60 for the preorder.

Bypassing the fact that either way StarCraft II has been ludicrously expensively tagged by Blizzard *shakes fist*, I checked out the ol’ trustworthy  Fourtyfive fifty, and free delivery at my home! This is a no-brainer…

In Plaisio’s defense though, the price of the preorder on the collector’s edition is one euro cheaper than Though still $15 more expensive than the $100 price tag in the US preorder.