We Are not Alone


Just as the world is holding their collective breath in anticipation for NASA’s scheduled press conference regarding their Astrobiology related findings that are said to have a severe impact on the search for evidence of Extraterrestrial life, I found the chance to upload one of my old tracks. In fact it’s the first tune I’ve ever made for an ASD demo in 2002, after which I officially joined ASD. The demo in question is called Edge of Forever . The tune has several snippets from the movie Contact with Jodie Foster which is among my most favorite movies of all time and it’s my little tribute to the movie and Carl Sagan.

Yes people… We are not alone!

aMUSiC - We Are not Alone



This downtempo – triphoppy tune was made in a hurry for a little game by ASD based on the Rupture rendering engine  called Seconds to Nothing . Wouldn’t call this a masterpiece by no means, but there’s something about it that makes me wanna listen to it on repeat. Incidentally, it was made to seamlessly loop as it was meant to be a game soundtrack. Enjoy.

aMUSiC - Scalpel
Valeria Blonde

The Wind Under My Wings


This one begun as a generic dance project, which shifted into trance, then into vocal trance and finally ended up being something between oldschool 90′s and Eurodance. Nevertheless, much thanks to Valerie Blonde for singing this in such a short notice.

aMUSiC ft Valerie Blonde - The Wind Under My Wings

This was made for the same titled demo by ASD.

Do it like Leviathan


My close bud Leviahtan -who I write music with- has been practicing lately…

Let’s kick some butt mate.. =)




For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been dreaming of her, but so far I didn’t have the gut to go and make her mine. But now finally, I stepped up… and she’s mine!

I’m talking of course about Sonya, my new Kawai ES6 Digital piano.




Music on the Moon


Back in 2007 we composed this little baby with my good friend Amigo to enter Breakpoint’s streaming music competition. Unfortunately we got disqualified in the preselection stage =( Nevertheless, it’s a cool track, so here you go =)

Amigo and aMUSiC - Music on the Moon


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