Ouch Set

International Monetary Fund

Magic: The Irony – International Monetary Fund


Boosting the Ouch set a bit more. This one could also fit in the Politics set, but if figured it’s gonna hurt so much, the Ouch set is its rightful place.

International Monetary Fund
…and if you don’t get it (assuming of course that you know how to play Magic) guess what’s gonna happen at the end of your turn… =P

Molotov Cocktail

Magic: The Irony – Molotov Cocktail


As I am waiting for a huge mysql process to take place, I thought I might get my hands dirty by creating a new MtI (read: Magic: the Irony) set, called the “Ouch” set. In this set I’ll be including stuff that hurt, current events and well.. cards that don’t fit into any other category. Let’s start with a traditional Amstel bottle…

Molotov Cocktail
There is en errata entry in Oracle about this one: You can include more than 4 instances of Molotov Cocktail in your deck. Athinaiki Zythopoiia would be sooo so happy…

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