We’ve been carrying this baby in our proverbial bellies for quite a few months now, and we’re now having contractions. The baby is kicking and wants to come out and we’re just about ready to go into labor.

Leviathan came over late yesterday night, and as such I couldn’t mix the guitars in the track using my trustworthy Fostex monitors, so I had to revert to the menial method of the 5 headphones. I’ve got 5 sets of headphones laying around, from a borrowed set of Sennheiser monitor headphones, to some studio ones, to some cheapy-cheapy Sony ones or my plug-type cell-phone ones. Each one with a very distinct response range and different sound, but I’m happy that the track sounds good in all of them. I might have erred a bit on the bass side, but since we do have some more time to produce another mix, I’ll give the track a few careful listens on my Reference Audio System™ and then on the Fostex monitors and act accordingly.

I had to remix the sound effects track as with the guitars in quite a few of the effects were no longer audible. Some of them still aren’t, but there’s still time to make some final adjustments.  On the other hand, I’ve been contemplating of releasing a special edition of the effects soundtrack which will be 5.1 encoded for those who have such systems =P We’ll see how it goes after Assembly.

So all in all.. we’re pretty much ready. Everyone’s fast asleep (or just waking up), Navis just got out the door to make his way to Finland and I’m deep into hypertension and can’t let myself get some z’s.

Oh.. and Leviathan.. you wanted a sick solo?.. Here.. have a sick solo =P