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Valeria Blonde

The Wind Under My Wings


This one begun as a generic dance project, which shifted into trance, then into vocal trance and finally ended up being something between oldschool 90′s and Eurodance. Nevertheless, much thanks to Valerie Blonde for singing this in such a short notice.

aMUSiC ft Valerie Blonde - The Wind Under My Wings

This was made for the same titled demo by ASD.

Everything set for Euskal 18


It’s Saturday, Euskal is already underway and we’re eagerly waiting for the Demo compo tonight. I’m all piss and vinegar that there’s no coverage, but oh well. The important thing is that the demo was finished way ahead of time, and I managed to finish the music just in time, which included a recording session with a singer and which turned out to go better than I initially thought it would.

Once the demo is out, I’m going to upload the music here. But until then… =)

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