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George Papandreou

Magic: The Irony – George Papandreou


I’m on fire today =)

George PapandreouYou know who’s next eh?

Konstantinos Mitsotakis

Magic: The Irony – Konstantinos Mitsotakis


It so seems that it only took 5 minutes until the first request came in. I just couldn’t say no. If you’re Greek, the card is self explanatory.

Konstantinos Mitsotakis

This of course kickstarts the Politics Set

Vatopedi Priory

Magic: The Irony – Vatopedi Monastery


Starting today, I’ll be introducing a new hobby of mine to you. The bastardization of Magic: the Gathering cards, with themes taken from my every day life, news and all that Jazz. I don’t expect everyone to “get them” as sometimes their “fun factor” will be very localized, but nevertheless. Let’s begin with the first one from the Orthodoxy Set.

Vatopedi Monastery
This is obviously inspired by the now old, yet never outdated scandal with the Monastery of Vatopedi and the real estate scandal it was implicated in. The whole Orthodoxy set idea derived from this group on facebook. Stay tuned, as there are more coming =)

Practical example of why Greece is at the brink of bunkruptcy using Starcraft II


It's coming!!I’d really love to go into a very deep analysis on how this phenomenon applies greatly to almost every aspect of the Greek market, but I’ll just leave this as an example and a case study.

Plaisio, is one of the biggest computer and consumer electronics retailer. If you ask the average Joe (including me) where he’d go to satisfy his computer buying needs, Plaisio would be the top choice. Now, if you’ve been all living under a rock and don’t know that StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment’s hot sequel to the largest selling RTS game ever, has finally a release date on July 27, then go and read all about it, prior to continuing on with this post.


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